Our goal is to continue
to improve the processes
and tools used by our
medical professionals to
deliver efficient, effective
and quality care.



Welcome to S&S Medical Products    

S & S Medical Products is an innovative company that develops life-saving training equipment and devices to improve patient care in the medical field. The inspirations for our concepts are derived from our experience as Firefighter/Paramedics and the desire to improve the skills we use every day. Whether it is designing a new product or innovating an existing one, S&S is always looking for ways to improve survivability and ease of patient care. With the consultation of numerous doctors, athletic trainers and educators, we take our designs and gather a wide range of input to produce a user-friendly product that encompasses a wide array of knowledge.

Life-Saving Training Equipment and Devices

..Help stop the spread of infection with
..this easy to use barrier protection for
..stethoscopes. StethoCLEAN™ is the ...

Sweet Extrication Training System
..The days of training for patient care
..and removal from a motor vehicle

.. S&S Medical Products has created a
...revolutionary life-saving piece of
...equipment called the LoProMask™.

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